MT Masking Tape Expo Singapore

Fri 26 July to Sun 11 August 2013
ION Art Gallery, level 4
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Lately I got a big addiction to MT. What is MT? MT is a masking tape brand from Japan. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s pretty and it’s addictive! You can use it to decorate basicaly everything, cellphone, ballpoint, book, gift box, furniture until your room wall. I use them for my hobonichi (this is also my new hobby).

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Right after we enter, there are two giant washi balls and a wall of smaller washi balls. It’s amazing to look at the rolls and rolls of tape lined the walls and floor.

2013-08-11 17.15.24-1edited

I went to the expo on the very last day, unfortunately many items sold out already and the famous gacha machine is all nowhere to be found. Each capsule has a MT tape inside (fun isn’t it?) and if you’re lucky enough, you’d get a brown paper instead to be exchanged with a limited edition MT tape that’s not even for sale!


There are 5 Singapore limited MT tape designs sold in the event which are inspired by the Peranakan tile, Singapore’s batik flower, Singapore Safari, Singapore Botanic Garden, and the Singapore flag. On the last day, I only found the Singapore flag, Botanic Garden and Safari. That’s too bad because I actually want the batik one.

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There’s a Make and Try station where you can freely (yes it’s for free) decorate your things with the tapes they provided on the spot. And well, not forgetting the childrens (and the childrens in heart), three playhouses (all decorated in tape!) will surely kept them entertained.