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Heartfelt Wedding Vows that Makes You Cry

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Hand Lettering / quote / Round Up

Remember that moment when you are looking for a tissue in the middle of your bestfriend’s wedding?  You’re so touched that when you came back home, you immediately take a piece of paper and start writing your own vow to the (imaginary) fiance. That’s totally ok, not judging. Better prepared than sorry, right? To give you more inspiration, here’s some of real life wedding vow verses that touched our soft heart. Let’s say those words together, […]

Marsala: Pantone Color of 2015

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Inspirational / Paper & Ink

Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth. Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute® Been the talk recently, Marsala is such a nice color to start the new year. It’s full-bodied, rich and has a strong accent when used with many other colors. To tell you the truth, wine color hues are not my favourite. But Marsala can bring a sophisticated, natural earthiness. I naturally think it will be perfect for your rustic […]

Inspiration: Chalkboard Wedding

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Inspirational / Pretty Paperie

Hellow! We meet again! I know it’s Saturday, but here I am, sitting in my office and getting things done. Since, it’s weekend, why don’t we do something fun? I always love the idea of mood board. Whenever I got stuck at work, I browse for mood board online. Seeing good things can give me (and you too!) somekind of motivation to work and create something good as well. So, this time, for my wedding […]