Freebies: Trick or Treat


Halloween is knocking! 1 more weeks and we’re ready to put on our spookiest costume (or maybe something cute like these).

So, here’s our very first freebies. We’d love to do more printable posts in the future. So, keep reading~!


Treat Bag Topper | DOWNLOAD HERE


Treat Bag Wrapper | DOWNLOAD HERE


Functional Tag | DOWNLOAD HERE

HalloweenWallpaper01 HalloweenWallpaper02

Wallpaper | 4961 x 3508 | Click on image to download

P.S You can use the wallpaper for mobile phone aswell with small adjustment.

The printables are all free, so please support Paper&Ink : ) You can post your result and credit Paper&Ink on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Happy Halloween!!!


Groupon Disdus: Waiting For Your Confirmation

Dear all Disdus customers, this is a gentle reminder 🙂
Your Silhouette Art orders are all ready to be picked up. We’ve sent you a confirmation email, but still no respond until today, July 11.

We apologize to inform you that the deadline for your shipping confirmation will be on Monday, July 21, 2014. We are not responsible for any Silhouette Arts with no confirmation after July 21.

Listed below are 25 customers who haven’t send us any feedback for their ready arts.
10. Shinni
22. Arindya Pratama
27. Metta
29. Ratu Wenny Pertiwi
55. Ivana Angeli
71. Ryezha Poetri
90. Anggie Riani
112. Sicilia Santoso
127. Anggie
129. Elbert & Lydia
160. Hendry & Anes
172. Yuni & Ronny
175. Yolanda Sri
183. Wahyu
192. Devi & Danny
193. Jason
194. Javier
198. Susanto & Haryanti
201. Fransisca Sia
202. Fransisca Sia
203. Vonny Ngo
204. Vonny Ngo
205. Vonny Ngo
208. Andi & Cintha
212. Ontoseno Widodo



Please kindly check your email inbox or contact us directly on 08129634996 for your shipping status.
Thank you so much for the patience and understanding 🙂

Groupon Disdus: FINAL Order List (updated July 11)

We really appreciate your patience and understanding that we can’t reply all of your emails one by one. Once your order’s done, we’ll send an email to confirm your shipping method preference. Many people are wondering about the waiting list order. Attached is order list until July 11, 2014. Kindly find your name/ order below. IF YOU COULDN’T FIND YOUR NAME, that means you sent your email after April 21 and unfortunately, couldn’t redeem their voucher anymore.


BATCH 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (except red) printing and production done, some still waiting for shipping method confirmation by replying our email

RED details provided by the client is still lacking or incorrect, we’ve sent you a follow up email, but since no feedback until April 21, it counted as canceled order

GREY shipping method confirmed, shipped already or waiting to be picked up

BLUE reordered on another batch

Groupon Disdus: How To Order

Thank you for all customers! Our Groupon Disdus promo voucher sales has reach 280.


This promo voucher is valid starting tomorrow, January 21 until April 21, 2014. However, some of you may found difficulties when placing the order, since the details provided on Disdus page is still lack of some informations. Please kindly read all instructions below and may all the questions be cleared.

How To Order

1. Place your order by email to with this format:


Phone Number:



Background and color option: (view images below for options)

Details: (what text you’d like to write down, ex. John & Jane, Our First Anniversary)


2. Attach your Disdus voucher and side look photo along with the order reservation email.

3. All reservations will be processed orderly by email, the earlier you send the email, the faster your order will be ready.

4. Please wait for our confirmation. Once your Silhouette Art is ready, we’ll send you an email to confirm the shipping method you preffered.

5. Voila! You’ll found your package in front of your door.

Terms & Conditions

1. Frame and printed Silhouette Art are inclusive in the voucher. Shipping fee is excluded.

2. For both single and couple, there’s only 1 size, 1 type, 1 color frame available. Your frame will be 8R sized (20 x 25 cm), plain white painted wooden material.

3. Background and color options available will be on the image above only. Custom background and theme will be charged with normal price, IDR 175k for single and IDR 250k for couple.

4. All emails will be processed starting January 21. Voucher is valid from January 21 – April 21, 2014. We’ll start from the earliest email.

5. Normal production time will be around 1-2 weeks. We apologize that we couldn’t take your desirable arrival date because it’s all depends on the email order.

6. We accept order reservation by EMAIL ONLY.

7. The silhouette quality will be depends on the photo quality itself. A side look photo with high contrast will surely do well (see example photo below). Please make sure your image resolution is high enough for us the see your face’s contour clearly.


8. Shipping option available:

a. Self pick up to our studio, Mon-Sat, 10 am – 6 pm. Jl. TSS Trikora No. 17 Rt 2 /5 Jembatan Lima, Roxy, Jakarta Barat 11270.

b. TIKI ONS with additional wooden packing. This will cost about IDR 60k per frame for Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya. For other area please contact us for details.

c. Courier service. Although it’s more expensive, it’s faster, safer and more reliable than TIKI. Jabodetabek area only. Jakarta area will cost about IDR 75-100k per address. For other area please contact us for details.