Holiday Gift Idea: Christmas Hamper

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Simply Hamper

Christmas will soon be here and it’s that special time of the year. You want to show someone just how much you care about them with a special gift. But, what?


Think outside the box, they’ve said.

But, have you heard “Good thing come in a box” saying? Ok, maybe not, because I’ve just made it out. Seriously, think about the excitement opening a gift box? That moment when you pull out the ribbon bow could be one of the best moment you have.

Now that I think about it, think outside the box does sounds like a free packaging campaign ad, no?


So, here’s the idea, a simple humble Christmas hamper and it’s not a boring one, I promise. All it takes is a little time and love.



Nothing beats good smell that comes from an interesting container, like an antique looking glass jar we have here. Once your gift is opened, your friend is bound to liven up the party by giving it a light.


Homemade Cookie.

The. Best. Thing. Ever. Even if your friend doesn’t love to bake, nobody refuses a homemade cookie full of warmth.



When coffee paired with a cookie, nothing is short of divine, and if the recipient can’t appreciate it…nah, it won’t happened. Especially a freshly ground one, that just being ground right before you put it on the jar, wow what a treat!

And nevertheless, sometimes, packing and presentation is everything. Velvet box and gold wording on top pump up the luxury feel for sure. And a beautiful ribbon will make it perfect. That’s a recipe for a happy gift receiver! Simply Hampers knows best.

NOEL CHRISTMAS HAMPER (Indonesian customer only)
Premium Suede Box
1 homemade Butter Cookie
1 homemade Cheese Sagoo
1 Aromatherapy Candle
1 Freshly Ground Coffee in jar
And a greeting card


Early Bird until Dec 7 IDR 380k
9x14cm, 40pg, plain 100% recycled paper
(random pattern)

Normal price IDR 400k

Exclude shipping fee
No minimum order
Shipping. Dec 19

How to order 🎀
Line. @simplyhampers
Whatsapp. +62 812 9634 996


Oh and here’s a warning, you will probably want to keep one for you too!

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