The Art of Custom Portrait

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We love gift, we all love giving gifts.

For me, what’s hard on that is for closest friend, parents, spouse, colleagues, in laws, we bought them gift each and every year. Have you ever run out of idea what should you get for them this year again? Not to mention what if that person already have everything. Now what should you do?


So, do you…

  • have a best friend whose getting married next month?
  • confused what to bring on your next christmas dinner this year on your parents?
  • want to surprise your fiancee with a beatiful gfit?
  • look for an anniversary gift for your spouse?

Don’t stress out, let me inspire you with an idea.

I always try to make each and every gift more personalized. One of a kind thing that’s specially made for them. I guess that would be ideal. I particularly love giving portraits as gifts. Some people told me that’s cheating just because I can draw. Well, that’s not true, there’s millions of artists out there who do a custom portrait. I believe you can find somebody who fit your art style (or your budget) among them.

How cool would it be to have a piece of art made to capture something (or someone) you love so much? And think about the possibilities, it doesn’t even have to be a person portrait. It could be a house portrait or maybe a pet?

And here’s some tips on ordering a custom portrait art.

  1. Who is the portrait for and why? What’s the occassion? Is it a birthday gift? Anniversary gift? or a farewell gift? Ask the artist to put extra detail on the art to make a memory from it.
  2. If possible, ask for a separate custom portrait when ordering a couple portrait. That would be useful if they decided later to make custom pillowcase or mug from it. And a copy of digital file in hand will be handy in the future.
  3. What would they love the most? It could be their pet, if so, you know which portrait should you order.
  4. Good photo makes good reference and that means better art. If it’s too difficult to get a picture for reference even though you already stalk them weeks on instagram, you’d probably want to consider ask them openly. If you’re afraid this could blow your surprise plan, how about a gift voucher instead?
  5. It doesn’t always comes on a frame. Think about wedding invitation, greeting card, personalized card, totebag (because why not?) or if you want to go all out, order a custom family tree.

And that’s it! In many ways you and the artist will work together to create the perfect portrait for your loved one. Personalized art will always be treasured for years to come.



If you have decided to go with custom portrait, we’d love to help. To make it easier for you to make the decision, we’re offering a 25% discount using shop code “YAYFOR25” on our ETSY SHOP to all custom portrait order. It’s only valid in a limited time, so grab your spot now.

Just wondering, what would you want to drawn? Tell us what come to mind for you as you read this post in the comments below.

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